Cool Circuits  Grades 5-8

Cool Circuits Grades 5-8

Price: $84.00
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Course Registration Number (CRN):99037

Cool Circuits  (Grades 5-8)                   Thursdays 10/3, 1017, 24, 31, 11/7         5-6pm                           Total Hours-6                       $84

CRN 99037                                                                          Sehba Hasan                                       Gardner

In this program students will learn, build and play with different types of circuits .In this program the students will learn about introductory working of Light Emitting Diodes (LED's), different types of Switches, working and programming of Fan with LED's. They will draw the circuit diagrams in addition to making the circuits and learn the symbolic representation of different electronic components used The kids will make about 7 circuits based on the above curriculum. Also kids will take home a small project based gadget home.

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