Digital Arts and Design Club  Grades 5-8

Digital Arts and Design Club Grades 5-8

Price: $353.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):99017

New Digital Arts and Design Club       6:15-7:45 pm                 10/1-11/19      8 Weeks         $353.

Grades 5-8                                                                               Devens   

CRN    99017

Art & Design Club is for designers, storytellers, and aspiring tech gurus. Using technology as a

tool, kids can create movies, animations, music compositions, and even 3D models that we

print so they can share with family and friends. This club is a great way to expose the power of

technology, while retaining the art and storytelling elements kids tend to always love. No

previous coding or digital art experience is required. Learn more about Empow Studios at

The club can feature curriculum from; 3D Modeling & Printing, Stop-Motion & LEGO

Animation, Digital Animation & Storytelling & Electronic Music Production

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