Feeding your Family on a Budget

Feeding your Family on a Budget

Price: $15.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):99049

Feeding your Family on a Budget   Tues October 15 & Thurs  17     5pm –7pm                      


Learn how to shop, cook and the key to saving money with advance preparations, 

all by coming up with a realistic budget for what you have to spend on meals.

Do you buy lunch every day? Do your kids? What is the cost? 

Take this information, learn the ways of couponing (not extreme) by looking at flyers, 

online, and go to vegetable stands during different seasons and you will get recipes for healthy affordable meals. 

We will not be doing cooking in this class but you will enjoy a two night workshop that will save you money.

Instructor: Michelle Maki

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