Finance & Investing for Millenials (Born between 1981–1996)

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New! Finance & Investing for Millenials (Born between 1981–1996)................................. $15 

Thursday 9/17 

7–9pm Gardner 90831

This course is designed for singles or couples who are deep into career, family and children, and who want to make the correct choices concerning the big financial issues of life:

• Should I rent or buy a house?
• Should I buy or lease a car?
• How do I know if my debt is good debt or bad debt and what do I do about it?
• How do I balance saving and investing for college for my kids and save for retirement too? • Should I have an IRA?
• Should I invest in my employers 401k?
• Do I really need life insurance?
• Do I need a budget and, if so, does it have to look like grandma’s?

This course is addressed primarily to Millennials (those born between 1981-1996), but anyone with an interest in these subjects is welcome to attend. To make this course as useful to you as possible, please bring your questions. 

*This Class has the potential to go online, due to COVID-19. We will reach out to registered students if this is necessary. 

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