Gardner Ale House Dive Deep Beer and Tour

Gardner Ale House Dive Deep Beer and Tour

Price: $70.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):98974

New Gardner Ale House Dive Deep Beer and Tour  Monday, December 9  5:30-8:30pm  


Join MWCC and Gardner Ale/Moon Hill Brewery for a dive deep into the subtle and not-so-subtle flavors of beer. 

This beer-sensory crash course will explore the hallmarks of well-made beers and will dive into the tell-tale off-flavors apparent when things go wrong. 

From cardboard, to sour apple to buttered popcorn, banana and cheesy; you'll get to taste the difference and begin to enjoy beer in a different, more involved way. 

Want to know what causes a skunked beer? Want to be able to tell if your beer has been oxidized? 

It's all in this jam-packed three-hour course. 

Finish with a full pint of beer of your choice, a pizza party and a tour of the Moon Hill Brewing facility.

The Ale House purchases sensory training kits for this course. Off flavors are therefore isolated as individual chemicals and tasted. 

Get your nose and palate ready!

Topics Covered: Beer flavor & appearance (bitterness, aroma, smell, mouth feel, head retention, clarity), sensory analysis of beer. 

Must be 21 years old (No waivers)

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