Getting Your First Dog

Getting Your First Dog

Price: $25.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):12772

Getting Your First Dog             February 4,11, 18              5:30-6:30 pm              $25

CRN    12772                                     Karen Rich                   Gardner

Getting your first dog can be a wonderful life-changing experience. It can also be scary and intimidating, unless you are armed with the facts. 

In this class, we will explore all the planning needed for the first-time dog owner. We will discuss the financial investment, researching sources, compatibility, socialization, feeding, exercise, training and troubleshooting.  There will be opportunity for questions, no dogs at this class.

Topics include Where to get your dog, How to select a veterinarian, What to do and What Not to Do, Dog Training, Enrichment Activities, and many more topics. 

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