Guide to the Galaxy

Guide to the Galaxy

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Beginners Guide to the Galaxy                       

Tuesday  April  7– 28   6:30–8pm    $32

Leominster Campus

This course is a follow-on to the first. Though taking the first course is not required, some understanding
for basic astrophysics concepts would be helpful. This course will include overviews of the laws of physics
and concentrate more on recent investigations and discoveries in astrophysics. Among the topics covered will
include active research such as the CERN Hadron Collider, LIGO gravitational wave observatories, TESS and other satellite probes. Subjects such as the strange world of quantum mechanics, the search for Alien life (SETI and METI), mysterious Dark Matter and Dark Energy, time travel and multiverse theories. Even some fact or fiction related to shows such as Star Trek. This is a survey course. Its concentration will be on science concepts not the mathematics. You need only to bring your curiosity and imagination.

Leominster Campus, 100 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA

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