Kidotronics  Grades 5-8

Kidotronics Grades 5-8

Price: $70.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):99038

Kidotronics  (Grades 5-8)                                     Wednesdays 10/2,9,16,23,30, 11/6   5pm-6pm             Total Hours-6                                                      $70

CRN       99038                                                                                                                    Devens   Room 103

Come and avail this fabulous opportunity to learn and build the basics of electronic circuits. In this program you will learn and know about electricity, electrons, voltage source ,conductors and insulators. It is an electronics circuit based project which strengthens the roots of STEM based curriculum.


In this program the students would learn and make 5 different types of circuits and finally make a project at the end which would be a (greeting) card that would have a LED which lights up. The students would make and know the circuit behind this card.

The different circuits that the student will make are

1) Simple Circuit

2) Parallel circuit

3) Circuit with a switch

4) Blinking light switch

5) Pressure sensor circuit

The concept and working of each circuit will be explained.

Since almost everything from door bells to refrigerators to T.V involves circuits, it is very helpful that the student learns, understands and builds some circuits and also understand the fundamentals behind it.

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