Therapy Dog Training Class

Therapy Dog Training Class

Price: $135.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):12773

Therapy Dog Training Class        February 4- March 10         6:45-7:45 pm                 $135.

The first 2 classes would be at MWCC, and the next 4 would be held at pet-friendly locations in the community  

CRN    12773                                      Karen Rich                                          Gardner

Prerequisites: Dogs must be 1 year of age or older. Documentation of rabies, negative fecal exam, and other vaccinations are required prior to starting the class. Dogs must be well-mannered and neutral with other dogs. They should be friendly and outgoing towards strangers. It is recommended that dogs have some obedience training, as well as CGC training, but not required.

During the first 3 classes, students will get a good introduction to therapy dog skills, qualities, skills needed, and the uses of therapy dogs.  After the first 3 classes, students may be able to take a therapy dog test, and do the required observations, leading to a therapy dog certification with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD).

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